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Alliance Capital Partners

We strive to form a long-term partnership with our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with best tailor-made and innovative solutions to help them grow

We were founded in June 2013 as an independent financial advisory firm. As part of Alliance Capital Group, we are duly licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to provide corporate finance advisory and capital market services

Our team comprised experienced professionals with in-depth international capital markets knowledge

“We strive to form a long-term partnership with our clients”

Our Value

We commit to

Build long term relationship with our clients

Grow with our clients

We focus on

Success of our clients

Excellent execution and pragmatic solutions

We render services based on

Honesty and Integrity


Ethical Standards


Amazing clients


Completed deals


Raised capital


Years of experience

Our Clients

Since our establishment, we have advised clients from a wide range of industries from both China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries

  • Shenji Group Kunming

    Shenji Group Kunming

  • Tungtex Holdings

    Tungtex Holdings

  • Trinity Limited

    Trinity Limited

  • Jinma Energy

    Jinma Energy

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  • Jiangsu-Holly-Futures
  • Capinfo


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  • Great World

    Great World

  • China Hanya_logo
  • Cogobuy Group

    Cogobuy Group

  • ChangFeng Axle

    ChangFeng Axle

  • Synertone Communication

    Synertone Communication

  • DZUG


  • Home
  • Home
  • CRCC High-Tech

    CRCC High-Tech

  • Loco Hong Kong

    Loco Hong Kong

  • IPE Group

    IPE Group

  • Asia Allied Infrastructure

    Asia Allied Infrastructure

  • Hosa International

    Hosa International

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  • China Life Insurance

    China Life Insurance

  • China City Infrastructure

    China City Infrastructure

  • FDG Kinetic

    FDG Kinetic

  • 3SBIO


  • Universal Medical

    Universal Medical

  • CST Mining

    CST Mining

  • Upbest Group

    Upbest Group

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  • China Household

    China Household

  • Zhejiang Yonglong

    Zhejiang Yonglong

  • Changshouhua Food

    Changshouhua Food

  • Merdeka Financials

    Merdeka Financials

  • Yantai North Andre

    Yantai North Andre

  • FDG Electric Vehicles

    FDG Electric Vehicles

  • Mainland Headwear

    Mainland Headwear

  • China Qinfa Group

    China Qinfa Group

  • Ta Yang Group

    Ta Yang Group

  • ZH International

    ZH International

  • Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan

    Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan

  • Century Ginwa Retail

    Century Ginwa Retail

  • Hang Chi

    Hang Chi

  • Yadea Group

    Yadea Group

  • SMIT Holdings

    SMIT Holdings

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  • Gemilang International

    Gemilang International

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  • China Rongzhong Financial

    China Rongzhong Financial

  • Hi-Level Technology

    Hi-Level Technology

  • Forefront Investments

    Forefront Investments

  • Excalibur Global

    Excalibur Global

  • Mansion International

    Mansion International

  • VBG International Holdings Limited

    VBG International Holdings Limited

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    Ocean Line Port

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  • Vision Fame Intermational Holding Limited
  • China Dredging Environment Protection

    China Dredging Environment Protection

  • China Transmission (Test)
  • Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd. (Test)
  • Cowell (Test)
  • CR Construction Group

    CR Construction Group

  • Hospital Corporation(Test)
  • Man Sang International

    Man Sang International

  • P.B. Group Limited (Test)
  • Pak Wing Group

    Pak Wing Group

  • Precious Dragon Technology

    Precious Dragon Technology

  • Sun Art Retail (Test)
  • Vantage International

    Vantage International

  • Wai Yuen Tong Medicine

    Wai Yuen Tong Medicine

Our Services

We focus on delivering excellent execution services and providing pragmatic solutions for the continual growth of our clients


We are duly licensed sponsor for initial public offerings (IPOs) on both the Main Board and the GEM of Hong Kong Stock Exchange

We have a total of four IPO principals with 15- to 25-year HK and international capital market experiences

Our team has helped over 100 clients to list and/or raise funds in Hong Kong and other international markets including red chips, H shares as well as overseas corporations

Our networks of international and local investors also help us provide tailor-made fund raising solutions to clients with different needs


M&As and Restructurings


We are duly authorized to advice on mergers & acquisitions, takeovers, privatizations and share repurchases

We are experienced in target identification, deal structuring, terms negotiation and valuation for both buy and sell sides as well as advising minority shareholders

Over the last decades, we witnessed numerous industrial consolidation and cross border M&As in greater China region. Our team members had played key roles in a number of benchmark M&A deals in China and Hong Kong

Capital reorganization

Appropriate capital structures could bring more financial flexibility to company. We help our clients to adopt the most suitable capital structure to best capture business opportunities

Corporate and debt restructuring

The design and development of corporate structure is vital for a sustainable development. We help our clients to streamline the holding structure for more efficient management of group assets, get prepared for a capital raising events such as an IPO and for a more efficient operation for growth


Financial Advisory and General Compliances

Our professionals provide independent opinions on valuation, fairness of deal terms as well as a wide range of M&As and restructurings advisory services

Our compliance team has highly qualified professionals to assist our clients in meeting the demanding ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements, particularly on directors obligations, disclosure requirements and regulatory communications

“We work for the best interests of our clients,

because we can grow only when they grow”

Our People

Our best assets are our people, our culture and our reputation

We have extensive capital markets and investment banking experience in the PRC, Hong Kong and other Asian countries

Contact Us

Room 03 7/F Worldwide House, 19 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel. : (852) 3188 6280
Fax. :(852) 3106 0563